Importance of Using Vanity Phone Number for Businesses!

A vanity number, which is also known as custom phone number or custom business number is actually a set of personalized business numbers that spell out an easy to remember phrase, brand or service. Vanity phone numbers make brand names more memorable and help establish a professional image. Vanity numbers use 800 or local dial-codes and give businesses a distinct market advantage. Companies that rely on vanity phone numbers often experience higher response rates from their marketing efforts and advertising campaigns than the one without vanity numbers. 

There are basically two types of vanity phone numbers -

1.      Toll Free Vanity Numbers -
Toll free vanity numbers are also known as vanity 800 numbers, which are personalized business numbers with a toll free dial code. A toll free vanity number is more preferable by the callers as they allow them to reach your business free of charge. Hence, it brings more customers interactions.

2.      Local Vanity Numbers -
Local vanity phone numbers use local area codes rather than 800 dial codes. It helps you establish a local presence in cities worldwide. It also assists businesses stand out on a local level. Local vanity phone charges a local rate to the callers, even when the call forwards overseas. Local vanity numbers are great for individual marketing campaigns.

Why to Use Vanity Phone Number?
There are so many benefits that you can bring into your business by using a vanity phone number. Some of these benefits include…..
·        People interested in the services or products offered by your company are more likely to call you when you have a toll free vanity number. 

·        People around the world recognize a toll free number and having an international toll free number gives your business a more professional image.

·        It has never been easy to bring your business to the global market but vanity numbers may bring your business instantly to the international market

·        Vanity numbers enables you to enjoy exceptional call quality and consistency with no interruptions.

·        You can enhance your marketing efforts with an easy to remember phone number. Personalized numbers make it easy for customers to remember your brand with a unique phone number.
·        A carefully selected vanity phone number is a valuable extension to your business.
·        Vanity phone numbers are a lead generating asset for your business.

Best practices when getting a vanity phone number -

Getting a vanity phone number is easy and affordable. You just need to choose a set of numbers or phrases that can be easy to remember and that may relate to your business.  
Additional tips include:
·        Use letters and if possible avoid using any numbers.
·        Choose simple words and avoid alternate spellings.
·        Rhyming and flowing words are easier to remember.

The market is flooded with a huge number of vanity number providers. You just need to make a thorough research on the available options and make a smart choice.


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